Sturdy Girls: Fat shaming and female beauty in China

Long time since I’ve done a post but I promise to remedy this over the next few days. Recently wrote a new post for China Personified, discussing female beauty in China and the issue of fat shaming, self consciousness, and respect for appearance diversity. Hope you enjoy it:

“Flushing the Wave” at Sun Moon Bay

I recently wrote a story about Surfing in Hainan for China Personified. Here’s the version. Major point of clarification: The coffee on Hainan Island is grown by a group of ethnic Chinese Indonesian refugees who were resettled on Hainan Island after being rescued from anti-Chinese pogroms a few decades ago. 2nd point: Freedom in Chinese […]

Bus load of vegetables and one 美女

Last week, I  decided to physically conquer the metaphoric “mountain” of challenges before me by actually climbing a mountain, 五指山 (5-finger Mountain) specifically. So here it is, the token “mountain climbed” post that every blogger inevitably makes. I had arrived in 五指山 City late the previous night, and observed that even this far into the interior […]

Minor 腐败, Disillusionment, and Depression

I’ve had time this week to reflect on the occasional indignities of life in China, especially as I just spent the last couple days in Sanya (三亚) which despite being billed as the “Hawaii” of China, is far from it. I came to Sanya with low expectations but high hopes. I am aware of the […]