I had a qu today

hahaha … great little post by 300 shots – funny take on life in China, whoever he is!

300 Shots at Greatness

qu brick

I had a qu today. After almost two years of getting rebuffed at every distillery I ever visited, a guy finally says to me, “Hey, you want to go see where we make the qu?” And then he marches me into a dank, dark room filled to the ceiling with festering blocks of wheat qu wrapped in woven bamboo. Needless to say, this was a big moment in my baijiu development.

The guy pulls a brick off the top and takes it into the sunlight for better viewing. He cracks it in half so I can check out the dark veins of microorganisms and the mold forming inside. The source of all baijiu was right there in front of me and, unexpectedly, he offered it to me. Explaining that it could be awkward to carry around, he said he’d have someone stick it inside of a plastic bag for me.

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