Giving 谢谢

I meant to write this post earlier but 来不及了 before this. Two weeks ago I spent my first Thanksgiving away from my family in Beijing. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I must say that spending Thanksgiving far way from home really makes you appreciate and want to give thanks to all the wonderful people in your life. So here are my 谢谢s (thanks):

1) I give thanks to my Mom, Dad, little bro Charlie, and the rest of my family in the US, all of whom I dearly miss. Thanksgiving was not the same this year without all of you around the table, fighting over Auntie Wendy’s curry beef puffs, eating Mom’s bread-project of the day, watching Dad and Uncle George debate with barely restrained competitiveness over the merits of how to properly cook a turkey, getting drunk with Dad and Auntie June via an exorbitant amount of wine, and eating leftover turkey congee and potato-bacon patties for breakfast the next morning. I hope I will get to do it all with you again. And also, 生日快乐 (Happy Birthday) to 婆婆 (Grandma)!

2) I give thanks to my loving family in China, my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, without whom Beijing would not feel like a second home. Without you, the part of me that is Chinese would be missing the soul that gives it life and makes me who I am as a person of dual cultural identity.

2) I give thanks to my lovely friends at home, without whom my life feels everyday a little less bright. Never though I’d say this but I miss DC and the awesome peeps (SAISers and other) who are running the world like the Bosses that you are. I miss my home girls Hien + D and our seasonal Bmore-Philly-DC exchanges. I miss my SAIS girls Mikela, Karina, TeeChow, and Clare, I miss my Hop besties Nancy, Rachel Poor, Beej, and Rachel Sussman. All your girls are scattered all over the world right now. It makes me sad that we are so far apart from each other, but happy that every time I hear from you ladies life is just that much sweeter.

3) I give thanks to my China friends, without whom the Holidays in Beijing would be unbearable.  Thank-you to the amazing 老师s (teachers) at IUP Tsinghua who make me improve my Chinese everyday, wether or not I want to. Thanks to all my amazing classmates at IUP, who make my suffering bearable because I know there are at least 30 other suckers who were stupid enough to sign-up for this with me. And special 谢谢s to friends I have made, both old and new, the last few months, who really make stumbling through a hutong in bellow-zero temperatures at the dead of night marauding for microbrew just that much more amazing: Julia, Wayne, Rubei, Jake, Jesse, Gordon, Thomas, Zan, Meghan, Annie, Megha, Ruty, SAISy Elizabeth and my amaze roommate Ashley.

4) Thanks to my fellow Fulbrighters who impress me everyday with your exploits, achievements, and character. Thank-you to Nathan and Janet who watch over us like the best Fulbright foster parents any Fellow could ask for, who organized that delicious Thanksgiving buffet for us and I was able to NOT miss stuffing  my face with turkeyduckSUSHIchocolatecakeindiancurryburgerspizzasmashedpotatoesstuffingcranberriesETC this year.

5) Finally, last but definitely not least, I give thanks to the love of my life, Luke, who came to Beijing to be with me for Thanksgiving. Not only did he brave the cold, 24-hr 3-transfer travel time, and Beijing’s air,  he also made this Thanksgiving the most memorable one of my life by proposing. I am thankful everyday that I finally found you and I really truly can’t wait to spend all my Thanksgivings with you from now on.



Happy Holidays everyone!


2 thoughts on “Giving 谢谢

  1. I am thankful for a truly wonderful group of friends, like YOU, who inspire me and give me meaning and color to an otherwise bland and boring world. Friends are life’s cup of tea. I’m so glad to be one of your friends, Sophie. Christmas isn’t the same without you here Stateside! BTW, you should blog about your proposal! I wanna hear how it happened!

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